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We started with a simple idea.

Company overview

The mechanics industry plays an important role in economics, because its development acts as both foundation and stimulus for the development of economics for every nation.

Established since 2007, Metallic Tower JSC operates in areas: manufacturing and installing mechanical steel structure, equipment for industries such as manufacture, traffic, hydraulics, irrigation, construction and commodity. In recent years, with the policy “Quality-Friendliness”, we have manufactured a variety of high quality products exported to the US, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Arab Saudi,… from their orders.

In the domestic market, Metallic Tower JSC undertakes projects with high technical complexity such as manufacturing and installing cyclic cooling pipeline at 7-meter depth for project PV Gas at harbour Thi Vai, Ba Ria Vung Tau province; manufacturing and installing pressure pipeline for power plant Dak Psi 4, 30 MW power, at Kon Tum province; installing assembly line for steel factory Nam Kim at Binh Duong province; installing assembly line for cables for Vietnam cable company CADIVI, Ho Chi Minh city.

Throughout the journey Metallic Tower JSC has step by step built trust with domestic and foreign partners by our confidence in high quality products.

With a team of qualified employees and competent, experienced, enthusiastic and creative workers, Metallic Tower JSC has carried out numerous projects of national scale, contributing to the development and industrialization of Vietnam.

Based on the principle “Quality-Friendliness” Metallic Tower JSC usually gives customers priority and guarantees to meet technical requirements with quality, efficiency and service.


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Metallic Tower JSC would be pleased to pay tribute to all individuals and organisations that have trusted and cooperated in the past, as well as hoping that future enterprises in Vietnam will unite and collaborate to promote the national industry on par with neighbouring countries.

Based on the principle: “Quality and Friendly”, METALLIC TOWER JOINT STOCK COMPANY always Takes customers in priority and is confident to meet the demand for technical quality, progress requirement, as well as warranty services

Metallic Tower JSC history

Company history

  • Lines of business:
      • Designing, manufacturing, installing mechanical steel structure equipment in: industry, hydroelectricity – irrigation, construction, traffic and civil.

      • Installing industrial machinery equipment (mechanic – electricity), operating instruction, technology transfer.

      • Surface cleaning and painting

      • Mechanical manufacture with precision.

      • Electricity cable business (first–class CADIVI agent) and electric equipment for civil and industrial purposes.

      • Manufacturing agricultural machines.

  • B. Organizational structure
    • Based on the principle “human is a fundamental element”, since the very first days, our company has placed emphasis on recruitment of labour with formal training from well-known universities such as Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh city, etc.

      • Team leaders are knowledgeable and experienced. They were leaders, managers of companies operating in the field of mechanical engineering.

      • Our team of technicians, business, financial have capability, enthusiasm with job and are trained for working skills annually to meet the demand of company development through each stage.

      • Our team workers have highly qualified skill and experience in construction.

      Although operating as a joint stock company with funds from shareholders, the model of company always obeys provisions of law. Our company pay close attention to physical, spiritual life of labor and facilitate good working condition. When operation is organized and stable, we have proposed to local government establishment of some political organizations:

      • Party Cell directly under Party Committee of the Centrally-run Businesses’ Sector of Binh Thanh district – Ho Chi Minh city.

      • Labor Union directly under Binh Thanh district Confederation of Labor – Ho Chi Minh city.

      • Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of METALLIC TOWER directly under Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Binh Thanh district – Ho Chi Minh city.

      Apart from protecting workers’ rights, these organizations contribute significantly to our production output, participate in social service and earn Metallic Tower JSC reputation on the market.

      Besides political organizations, our company also actively participates in associations such as:

      • Member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

      • Memer of Thanh Hoa province Business Association.

      • (Tiếng Việt) Là thành viên của hội doanh nghiệp quận Bình Thạnh.[:enMember of Binh Thanh district Business Association.

  • C. Archievements
    • Although a medium-sized enterprise, Metallic Tower JSC is regarded as a big company in steel structure mechanical sector and installation of industry apparatus. Since 2007, Metallic Tower JSC has performed many projects of large scale with high degree of complexity and always improving quality. As a result, we have managed to leave positive impressions on domestic and foreign partners through the policy “Quality – Friendliness”. .

      Domestic market.

      • Manufacture factory equipment: cement of Fico-Tay Ninh, of Ha Tien 2-Binh Phuoc, Kien Giang. Typical products: Electrostatic dust filter, air duct, frame conveyors, bucket load, cement tanks, floor support equipment, upright, crusher, etc.

      • Manufacture and install steel floor for steel factory Nam Kim 2 - Binh Duong: Tower structures, columns, beams, floor support equipment, piping fire, gas pipeline, etc.

      • Manufacture and install hydraulic equipment for Dak Psi 4 power plant, 30 MW power, and Dak Psi 5, 10 MW power: Pressure conduit, lift gate, trashrack cage, overhead crane, etc.

      • Process oil tank, firefighter water tank for project PV Gas – Ba Ria Vung Tau.

      • Manufacture and install water pipe system for project PV Gas at Thi Vai harbor, Ba Ri Vung Tau.

      • Manufacture and install steel framework for maintenance house, gas turbine for joint corporation of Alsom-Electricity Vietnam at Ba Ria Vung Tau.

      • Construct underground pipeline, emergency pipeline for Sai Gon Cigarette factory at Vinh Loc -Ho Chi Minh city industrial zone.

      • Manufacture and install hydraulic equipment at water tank River Dinh 3 - Binh Thuan: Culvert, plumbing, etc.

      • Install assembly line for zinc-coated and colored galvalumes for steel factory Nam Kim 2 - Binh Duong: Double roll forming machine, Cut length machine, etc.

      • Install assembly line for cables – Shipbuilding corporation Vinashin Da Nang (VIMACAB).

      • Install assembly line for cables - Cable factory CADIVI - Ho Chi Minh city.

      Export market

      Since 2010 Metallic Tower JSC has remained a trusted partner with DANIELI-ITALI Corporation in manufacturing mechanical equipment exported to: USA, Canada, Italia, Arab Saudi, Libya, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Agentina, Jordan, Latvia,.. Typical products include: beams, columns, pedestals machine, screening equipment, insulation cover, pressure pipes, tanks ... with exports from 80 tons - 170 tons a month.

      The aim of Metallic Tower JSC is to train and develop workforce so as to maintain the policy “Quality-Friendliness”. Metallic Tower JSC sually gives customers priority and guarantees to meet technical requirements with quality, efficiency and service.

      With such achievements, since 2009 Metallic Tower JSC has been highly praised by economic, political and social organizations - both domestic and foreign - for contributions to the development of Mechanics Industry in Vietnam.

      2010 – 2012

      Metallic Tower JSC always ranked one of top 50 successful enterprises in Vietnam 2010 -2012, 2012-2014, according to Brainworks-Asia Corporation, Japan

      Certified for “Vietnam trust quality” by Vietnam Business Institute

      Awards for excellent performance in “Good working, good society involvement”, “Outstanding union”, “Care for employees” by Binh Thanh District Confederation of Labour, Ho Chi Minh city Confederation of Labour

      Awards for “Outstanding Cell” by Binh Thanh district Committee of a Party, Ho Chi Minh city Committee of a Party.

      2013 – 2014

      “Creative Award 13th Ton Duc Thang” by People’s Committee Office of Ho Chi Minh city, Ho Chi Minh city Confederation of Labour.

      “Vietnam Gold Star Cup” by Dat Viet Business Group.

      Signification “Charater – Love – Talent – Brilliance – Trust” by Cultural Business Centre.

      Merit “Many achievements in activity, motion, propagate and actively support employees, contribute to ensure social security by People’s Committee Office of Ho Chi Minh city.

      Being voted to 1 in 34 typical enterprises in Ho Chi Minh city and certificated “Good implement in labor legislation and take care of physical and spiritual life of employees” by People’s Committee Office of Ho Chi Minh city, Ho Chi Minh city Confederation of Labour.

      Many commendations and merits for individual, community obtain many outstanding achievements in participating in movement “For society”.

      Being voted 1 in 100 enterprises obtain Award for “Outstanding Enterprise – Businessman ASEAN” by ASEAN Association.

      Being rated 1 in 100 enterprises get “Outstanding achievements” by Ho Chi Minh city Association.

      2015 – 2016

      In the context of transforming economic integration of Vietnam, there remains a number of challenges. Thus, it is hard for any business to find an appropriate path. However, with unceasing effort of a united group, human element has helped Metallic Tower JSC step by step on its progress, much like the symbol of Eiffel Tower, which the company has chosen.

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