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Machinery and Equipment installation

With an expert team of engineers Metallic Tower JSC always build prestige with confidence for customers. Apart from installing machinery, we also undertake technology transfer and equipment operation.
Some our past projects include Installing cable production line for Vietnam Central Field shipbuilding cable production factory; Installing equipment for Nam Kim steel mill; Installing Cadivi electrical cable factory at Tan Phu Trung industrial park, Cu Chi province; etc..


With the continuously improvement process, apply science and technology in producing together with using labor sensible, our productivity and output increasing, meet the project schedule, construction for products required high quality in short time. In consequence of that, the cost reduce significantly for customers and high profit for collaboration.


With fully invested and modern mechanical systems, skilled employees, we continuously manufacture products with high quality and most competitive price. Product quality is first-rate goal when we work with our customers. The satisfaction with product quality is our motivation to develop steadily.


With expertise team staffs, solid workmanship, dare to think, dare to work, dare to challenge difficulties, Thap Kim JSC always gets good result in all works. We undertake to bring customers the best satisfaction, confidence and result when co-opetate with us.

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